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“The Landing” is a short stretch of the Kennebunk River where the School is located. It was once an internationally famous shipbuilding area and the home of more than 20 shipbuilding firms between 1766 and 1867. This rich history is reflected in the boats our students build today. The sound hulls and fair lines of the handcrafted vessels we build are proud examples of our maritime heritage and an important facet of what made America great.

The Landing School offers diplomas and degrees in modern yacht design, wood and composite boat building and marine systems technology. More >

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    Marine Systems - The Lifeblood of our Industry. These students cover more ground than any other. From electrical, to plumbing, to laminates and more, these students are the core of the Marine Industry.

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    Marine Systems: Marine Systems is the lifeblood of our industry. Professionals in this career field keep every kind of seafaring vehicle running, from submarine to skiff. Students in this program will cover more areas of study than any other program. Plumbing, electronics, lamination, painting, winterizing, and engine maintenance are just a few of the areas we cover. By the time our students graduate they are prepared to work on the most complex marine systems. Imagine working on one-of-a-kind submersible vehicles used for exploration of the ocean floor. Or working on the latest military ships. Or even owning your own shop. Our graduates have done all of these things and more.
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